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Launched in 2009, PD is not only a production house, but also serves as a management company for adult industry upstarts. Cavero, who got his start as an adult content producer, explains PD’s mission statement, “I founded PD to help new producers set up their businesses and to provide them — and existing producers — a wide network of distribution channels. Our program connects these producers with our partners who specialize in production, distribution, sales and marketing, legal, and web development

Director Stone said, “This is probably the best parody I have shot. We took an iconic masterpiece and paid close attention to detail. ‘Taxi Driver: A XXX Parody’ will be an instant X-rated classic.

Exile president Howard Levine added, “The sex is as intense as the movie itself. This was a labor of love for General Stone, who successfully turned the masterpiece of American filmmaking into a masterpiece of pornographic filmmaking. The iconic character of Travis comes through perfectly in the parody and will help make ‘Taxi Driver: A XXX Parody’ an instant classic, selling consistently for years to come.”

From the Mohawk on his head to the swagger in his walk, Pistol has truly immersed himself in the role of Martin Scorsese’s iconic antihero. He says,

“I’ve seen the movie many times and watched it again every day up until shooting. I didn’t want to do De Niro being Travis Bickle. I just wanted to be Travis Bickle. I studied the postures, the tone, the stares, the pauses, and the walk.

But, did he do it all in front of a mirror?

Yeah, man, of course,” he laughs. “I also shaved a real Mohawk on my head. I went all out. I’m lucky to do this. I think people are going to be wowed when they see it.

All Pleasure Dynasty is interested in is creating high-end, killer material,” Levine told XBIZ. “The parodies that they’re doing are focused on Hollywood films that may be a little darker, a little edgier than other stuff that’s out there, movies that could’ve been pornos to begin with.

They want to take these movies that are highly recognizable, classics or even modern-day classics, recreate them and add sex. They are not interested in comedies. It’s gotten to a point where people are parodying anything, which is fine I’m sure they do very, very well and there’s a market for them. We feel there is also a market for films like ‘Fight Club,’ ‘Training Day’ and ‘Taxi Driver’ that were just cool movies to begin with. And we’ve added timely sex, that, instead of being gratuitous it fits and flows.

About Taxi Driver–
“It turned out amazing. I think people will enjoy it,” Levine said. “Nikki Charm, as far as we know, this is her first interracial scene, with Sean Michaels, and it’s explosive. Nikki is not very big. I think she’s about a foot and a half taller than Sean’s cock. Lily LaBeau was killer. Misty Stone was killer. And Jenna Andrews who played Iris just hit it on the mark.
“If ever there was a crew that the crew wants to join it’s this one, these guys are great and come on, what beats South Florida?” – Tony Batman, five time winner “Nightmoves Emcee of the Year”.
We are very pleased to be representing Pleasure Dynasty exclusively for broadcast worldwide and non exclusively for all other media. Pleasure Dynasty is appealing as a producer in that they are producing reality content using amateur girls in a large variety of creative unique setups. We believe Pleasure Dynasty has a bright future as a rising star in reality content and we look forward to exposing their brand to the broadcast and new media markets internationally.
– David Kravis, President of Coastline Licensing International, Inc.
From LukeIsBack on location with the Pleasure Dynasty and Minka Studios crew at the AVN Show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida:
“One very cool thing at the Minka booth was this brand new not on the shelves yet Panasonic 3D TV! My picture (without the glasses) doesn’t do it justice. It is amazing to watch the footage these guys shot live and then watch it on TV. You definitely want to reach out and touch… her ASS!” – Cindi Loftus, Luke is Back
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