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Our Mission

To build, maintain, and discharge, at the highest level of consultation, production and distribution services for adult content and adult entrepreneurs in the world.

Success in the adult entertainment industry requires a sophisticated business plan and hundreds of relationships, tested over time. The PD expert network provides both. Operating with an intimate understanding of this unique industry, PD (Pleasure Dynasty) offers a a risk free platform for all new and existing adult business entrepreneurs seeking success in the modern adult industry.
There are many choices and areas of opportunity available. The Adult Entertainment Industry offers a variety of profitable options for new entrepreneurs. You can set up your company strictly in the virtual marketplace by operating paid member sites featuring your own content, or you can choose to market your content globally through DVD sales, broadcast, mobile, IPTV and retail outlets. New delivery platforms are being implemented every year. Most successful adult business veterans incorporate all of these systems, and with PD, start-up companies have its entire network at their disposal.

PD can provide every aspect of what your new business needs:

▪ Create a business plan.
▪ Structure a corporate budget.
▪ Produce original content.
▪ Introduce PD extensive network of service providers.
▪ Arrange set visits to over-see filming.
▪ Organize distribution of finished videos.
▪ Advise on future technologies and distribution platforms.
▪ Market products to capitalize on demand.
▪ Provide legal guidance.
▪ And More…

Consultation: PD is the perfect entry point for serious business people looking to break into the adult industry. Scheduling a free consultation provides instant access to essential knowledge regarding the industry. PD will quickly evaluate clients’ personal and specific goals and match them with potential partners.
New Content Producers: There are common keys to success in the modern adult industry: effective networking, marketing, promotion, utilization of exclusive distribution platforms and insuring profits. Above all, creating the right team is the number one key to success.

The right team must have three ingredients:

  1. Talent
  2. Experience
  3. Industry Know-How & Contacts.

PD provides investors with all three through its extensive network.

PD helps new producers with consultation, pre-production, production, post-production, marketing, branding, worldwide distribution through all channels, sales and more. CEO says “PD is a one stop consultation and management firm, here to serve serious start ups with everything they need to turn a quick profit. We created a one-of-a-kind, expert network of adult industry professionals to aid those new to the adult industry – this provides the experience necessary to avoid costly mistakes. PD allows investors to enjoy the perks of a successful adult business, while handling all the operations.”

Existing Adult Content Producers: The adult industry is in the midst of radical changes: new technology creates additional distribution channels, emerging markets offer new customers, alternative billing solutions add to revenue models, and more. It is virtually impossible for a small to mid-size company to keep pace with the changes. PD  is here to help. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a new producer, PD is an expert network capable of optimizing your business within only 90 days. PD platform is worldwide, and it is comprehensive for all channels.

PD can provide every aspect of what your new business needs:

  • Creating a business plan
  • Structuring your corporate budget
  • Producing your original content
  • Introducing you to PD network of service providers
  • Arranging distribution of your finished video
  • Marketing your product
  • and more…
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