Pleasure Dynasty Creates Platform for High-End Parodies

MIAMI — Pleasure Dynasty on Thursday announced its new, high-end parody platform that will debut with the Aug. 24 release of “Taxi Driver XXX.”

A Sensuous Diamond film directed by General Stone, “Taxi Driver” stars Tommy Pistol in the lead role of Travis Bickle. This movie along with all subsequent parody releases from Pleasure Dynasty’s parody platform follows the company’s unique business model derived from the studio’s umbrella company, PD Films, LLC.

The company said it utilizes a deep network of experts in all areas of adult entertainment along with private investors with a passion for adult movies to maintain its level of quality.

Carlos Cavero, founder of Pleasure Dynasty and PD Films, said, “It is our sophisticated business model and network which sets our studio and its movies apart. The best professionals in every facet of the industry are employed to create each of our movies, from writing, to directing, to editing, to marketing and legal. ‘Taxi Driver: A XXX Parody’ is a product of the industry’s elite talent. All Pleasure Dynasty projects will employ unique and top-level crew to ensure our movies are always fresh and exciting.”

The second title coming out is “Training Day: A XXX Parody,” also helmed by General Stone, while director Dana Dane heads up the third release, “Real Housewives of South Beach: A XXX Parody.” The fourth title to be released under the banner will be JacktheZipper’s “True Grit: A XXX Parody.” The company said that additional directors are already lined-up to oversee future projects.

Exile Distribution is the exclusive DVD distributor of Pleasure Dynasty films, while Coastline Licensing runs worldwide broadcast rights.

Through its partnership with Exile Distribution, Takedown Piracy will protect all of Pleasure Dynasty’s parodies, the company said.

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