Pleasure Dynasty offers a dynamic, new business model for production in adult entertainment. The innovative company, founded by Carlos Cavero, operates with an extensive network of professionals in all areas of adult entertainment. The structure is in place to help new or existing producers create profitable adult movies and business ventures. Through cutting-edge consulting and effective, result-based networking, Pleasure Dynasty is able to greatly reduce risk and build durable and infinite success. The company operates strictly on performance and guarantees results from its proven formula for success. Though well organized and sophisticated, the adult industry is small and exclusive. The Pleasure Dynasty infrastructure allows anyone to enter the industry and embark in the excitement of filmmaking or live webcam streaming. Its comprehensive network of service providers is able to manage all aspects of the business and maximize the return on investment. The expert team includes: legal, consultation, pre-production, production, post-production, packaging, branding, marketing, sales, all channels of distribution spanning every demographic, webcam, Internet and more.


Pleasure Dynasty network is comprised of hand selected adult industry professionals, chosen because of their experience and reputation. The network provides the greatest brain bank accessible to new or existing adult business owners. As a management company, Pleasure Dynasty coordinates consultations across all platforms and segments of the adult industry. This produces an accurate vision for its clients and provides a winning edge. Clients may take full advantage of Pleasure Dynasty excellent relationships in order to meet their goals. Composing the network are adult industry lawyers, AVN award-winning directors, production location scouts in Los Angeles and Florida, top distribution companies, marketing specialists, media, post production specialists, graphic designers and webcam management. Everyone associated with Pleasure Dynasty is a master at their trade and eager to work together to maximize potential and profits


The modern adult industry is a global entity – ever changing. There are clear and definable steps every successful adult business owner should learn and follow. “It is a unique and complicated industry,” says founder Carlos Cavero. “It takes a couple of years and countless, expensive trials and tribulations before most new business owners are able to recognize where all the money is hiding. Our goal with every client is two-fold. First, as a management company, we will listen and understand our clients’ objectives and innovation. Second, we enlist our expert network and resources to assist the client in profitably achieving his goals as soon as possible with minimum waste. Our success is defined by the speed in which our clients reach their goals and their ultimate profitability.”


Cavero attended Hodges University, studying Business Administration and Management. Inspiring Cavero’s vision to form an adult enterprise was his mentor Professor G. Landrun, Ph.D., author of popular books Entrepreneurial Genius and The Innovative Mind, and founder of Chuck E. Cheese. Cavero’s long history building strong, profitable commercial networks derives from time spent as Executive Manager for one of the most successful construction companies in Florida. After growing adult studio Pleasure Dynasty into a lucrative business, Cavero turned his sights toward helping others create their own studios and movies through Pleasure Dynasty.

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