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How to Pick-Up Girls in a Group of People

In one of last articles we discussed how it is important to do approaches and to communicate with girls alone, without relying on assistance of the friend or workmate. If you often get acquainted, then for certain already understood as far as the independence and abilities of pickup alone matters. And how to pick-up a girl you like in the group of other girls?

Today I will continue this subject and I will take up some questions which anyway arise at guys who want to get pick-up independently, without workmate and also want to be able to communicate effectively with the unfamiliar girl in private. Many enough courageous and effective guys in pickup in a question of the beginning of communication have considerable defects connected with the fact that many girls always are in the company of girlfriends. We will also talk today about it.

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Why it’s important to know how to pickup girls in a group

The person by the nature a being collective, public, and women especially love to chat. You can succeed very much in pickup in private surrounding or special site made for that is Jasminlive, however steadily girls who practically never go alone will occur in your life journey. Look at shops in the evening park. How often will you see women sitting alone? Everything is true but extremely rare.

As a rule, girls prefer to have a rest and walk together, three together or even in the noisy company of girlfriends. And there is an unpleasant moment. Criticality of recognition of the man suitable for the purpose of acquaintance strongly increases if the woman is in an environment of girlfriends.

Several reasons:

#1 You have to, as well as at usual acquaintance, correspond to certain primary inquiries of the woman. But, approaching couple or the three of girls, be ready to win sympathy of all interlocutors, and not just that which was pleasant to you initially. It is for this purpose important to know about what to speak with the girl and with her girlfriends.

If you strongly are not pleasant to one of them, she can begin to ignore you or to play a trick angrily, trying to get rid or expose the clown. In such situation of her girlfriend to which you, maybe, were also pleasant and which in other situation would react to you positively, at this moment will not want to show to people around that their inquiries to the man are lower, than at others. In other words, the lady sympathizing you will be ashamed to give phone to the guy who was obviously neglected by other girls not to lower before them own level.

#2 If you obviously are pleasant to one of girls, the others often will begin to slight you out of jealousy of the girlfriend or from offense that you did not recognize as the best theirs. Especially often it happens when two girls, and, choosing as an object of the attention only one of them, you obviously let know the second that it is worse.

#3 Time of group of girls really have no special desire to get acquainted. They leave to have fun, communicate, and, getting to an environment of the merrily maiden company, you can be apprehended not as the gentleman, and as successfully sprained object of sneers. One will play a trick, others will pick up and already around your laughter, and all your attempts to impress favorably sounds cause only new explosions of a laughter.

#4 Communicating with you in private, the woman a considerable part of time thinks of how she looks as well as that speaks. She is confused, she has less time for looking narrowly at you and to try to discover shortcomings and reasons for its women’s refusal. When she is in the company of girlfriends, i.e. in the territory, feels comfortable, and you are already perceived as the person in need, as the guest whom it is possible to leave on a fun to public, and it is possible and to remove with couple of unfriendly phrases.

#5 the Vast majority of guys, being in group of unfamiliar women, lose a considerable part of the confidence, charm and charm, speak wide and, really as though they ask that they laughed at them. It is also very few people can brag of steadfast self-confidence and tranquility in the face of strangers even if also groups of women.

As you see, approach alone to group of women is much more difficult, than communication with one specific interlocutor. The unpleasant moments depend as from external (a spirit and the number of “victims”), and from internal (decrease in feeling of confidence at stay in group unfamiliar and sometimes not absolutely friendly people at you) factors.

Techniques of Pickup

If your heat was not gone finally, we continue. Anyway, you decided to meet group of girls. The most important, than I advise you to stock up – self-confidence and the delirium generator. In most cases you should undergo double-threefold testing, to answer tricky questions. Once you hesitate, to feel shy, become silent – will be quickly sent back home or derided.

It is important that all your answers were friendly and quiet. At acquaintance to group of women do not try to seem abrupt. In the company of girls surely there will be a splinter which will try to challenge the status declared you and you should argue with the woman and to prove something that it is extremely harmful at the time of acquaintance to group. Be quiet, sure, cheerful.

As a rule, you in the company like one girl for the sake of whom you also approached. The communication detail, the second for importance, in group of girls – not to ignore girlfriends, not to give all the attention only to the darling. Remained can start missing and suggest to leave home, or will begin to take offense and to throw a monkey-wrench into the works of you. Therefore, remember that like your name – time you approached in couple (the three, the four), communicate with all. Try to give though a little attention to all. For this reason, communications from four and more women are unpromising. It will be complex to you to pay attention to all. That’s it for the companies from three people workmates are also necessary. For now, you one, try that all attendees received an attention shred.

Do not take in head to confuse names, remember them properly. Do not allocate obviously that from maidens for the sake of which approached. Let all of them will be interested by you and do not feel disappointment.

If you brought communication to due level and managed to draw attention and sympathy of girlfriends, so your skill is at very good level. The further scenario will depend on your intentions. It is possible to suggest them to go to cafe, a bowling alley, to change scenery or at once to move to the place for sex (there is no FMF … why and?).

The main thing that they did not think that they found the sponsor who is going to give to drink all of them. You remember, you did not file a claim for one of them yet, so if you did not show off, exposing yourself the stylish pimp, they will hardly expect to prodigality you. All have to understand that you offer joint rest, but not rest at your expense. Otherwise in women the consumer can wake up and to anything good it will not lead you.

If to continue evening you do not gather, that time to exchange contacts and to clear out. Take phone not only that which interested you initially. If their two or three, then write down numbers of all. It will give them an intrigue, and you an opportunity to work from each of them individually. When it’s done, equally warmly say goodbye to all and disappear.

By the way, it is not obligatory to call or write first of all the favorite at all. Experience shows that sometimes it is very useful for girlfriend to send couple of messages for a start. And when it, as well as it is necessary to the woman, will brag of everything that supposedly you already wrote to it, to please unexpectedly and the darling then as fast as possible to pull out it on an individual appointment.

Try to avoid group meetings, at them you lose freedom of action and you can quickly appear in the friend zone.

In the company of girls there can sometimes be a guy. Occasionally it is the boyfriend of one of them, but some colleague or the classmate are more often. How it seemed strange, but in most cases, he does not cause the slightest problems. The main thing not to begin to be measured with its willies and to communicate as friendly as you can. If you see that he considers one of girls of the – leave her to him as if it for you do not exist. At acquaintance shake to it hands and communicate validly and friendly. Well, minimize the competition and questions at him will not arise.

As you see, there is nothing supernatural. As well as in unary pickup, it is necessary, it is self-confidence and resourcefulness. Only in acquaintance to group them is necessary slightly more.

Free Bonus

Finally, the small bonus relating to your internal state. To minimize discomfort and constraint when approaching to group of women, present that you know these people for a long time and it is fine and to them you belong that they are ALREADY your friends. Hold this feeling in the head, smile and communicate with the company of girls as you in reality communicate with expensive and your loved ones. If you adjust yourself correctly, it will help to avoid the conflict, your new acquaintances will feel your participation and will quickly take you for the. And people allow the lot of things. What, actually, we are trying to reach.

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