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Want to be an Adult Webcam or Film Performer?


Business: As a webcam model or regular xxx movie star, the first thing you must understand is the business side of the adult industry. Your beauty and sexuality may be your starting point, but how you market, present and position yourself is going to be key to your success and financial freedom. As a management company, PD provides educational guidance with all of the available channels and how to best utilize each one. Having our expert network on your side will position you at the forefront of the industry, as your brand is established across all platforms. The difference between a dream and a goal is a plan, and PD provides the right plan.

PD gives new models the tools to become stars! Management includes:

  • Create a structured and detailed daily plan of business activities.
  • Establish online presence by creating a paid members site.
  • Market the paid members site.
  • Establish web cam presence.
  • Establish VOD accounts.
  • Advice on trademarking your name, brand and sites.
  • Guidance in the Feature Dancing Industry.
  • Refer to leading model agencies.
  • Build a strong social network following on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, adult tube sites.
  • Schedule media campaigns spanning adult and mainstream web, print, radio and TV.
  • Organize a strong and structured plan for appearances and movie and photo shoots.

Organization: Becoming a model takes commitment. The provision of a structured plan will demonstrate the timeline and tools necessary to make your sex appeal a thriving business. The outcome and results will be directly reflective of your commitment to the plan to turn your sex appeal into a thriving business. Those desiring to turn modeling into a full time career will notice immediate results. Others may feel more comfortable dipping their toes into the water and taking their time building their career. Regardless of your speed, PD will manage and guide you on a tailored path best for your specific needs. Models with PD receive daily plans to help them reach their full potential. We handle all the business aspects of the adult industry to maximize your time.

Marketing: Understanding how to market your brand is a big contributor to your overall success in the adult entertainment industry. The proper use of social networking campaigns, PR, marketing and branding strategies are a must to stand out from the crowd. Understanding how to properly self-promote online is integral to the success of any celebrity in today’s market. PD will help you maneuver through the necessary marketing steps in the digital age, always keeping you abreast of the newest strategies and networks and overseeing their implementation.

Fan Following: The adult industry is divided into niches. Understanding what message you want to send your viewers is just as important as any other element within a model’s business plan. PD and its expert marketing team will help you express your personality and lifestyle, while best attracting the interest of as many fans as possible. We will educate you on the different niches in the adult industry and assist you in broadening your reach into other niches, channels and markets.

Creation of Networks: In the adult industry there are several delivery platforms, or ways to reach your audience. Channels include web cams, feature dancing, members site, etc, while markets are the areas you will specifically target (US, Canada, Asia, Europe, etc). Each channel and market requires a targeted approach for lucrative results. PD will assist you in the organization of your business and guide you to the best and most reliable revenue sources.

Legal: An adult model has to have the same knowledge as an adult content producer in order to operate legally. There is no room for error in the legal side of the adult industry, as every document must be perfectly filled out and every law perfectly followed. PD expert legal team will guide you through the whole legal process. Model releases, 2257 record keeping, legal clauses, contracts, copyright laws, content review for obscenity and any legal business aspect. As soon as you are part of the PD network, all our years of education and wisdom are at your disposal. We have your back.

Once you are part of the PD Family, you will have complete guidance in your career as a model. PD works strictly on performance, so we can always guarantee we are looking out for your best interest. A key element separating PD from the pack is how we urge you to maintain ownership of your own name and content. We encourage you to be empowered, which can only come from being your own boss. We work for you towards one goal—your SUCCESS!

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